65 Clever Gifts For Men That Are 10x Better Than What You Usually Give

Be the MVP of gifting.

Don’t even think about wrapping up another tie or some fancy hair gel because you don’t know what to buy the man in your life. With all the unique and original products that I’ve listed below, you’ll never run out of gift ideas ever again. Whether you’re shopping for your boyfriend, brother, or dad, there really is a great gift out there — and of course it can all be found on Amazon. Which is perfect, by the way, for any last-minute shoppers. Semi-Automatic Moulding Line

65 Clever Gifts For Men That Are 10x Better Than What You Usually Give

Made of a durable plastic, each of these waterproof playing cards are safe to use while camping, having a picnic, lounging by the pool, or anywhere else that would typically be deemed too dangerous for delicate cards. They each have unique clear cutouts in the middle of the gorgeous blue design that will still hide your hand from any cheaters. They also come in a plastic case that will keep them even more protected.

These Crocs are the definition of comfort. Their unique design is what makes them so lightweight and their textured insole provides grip and comfort. They also quickly shed water and debris so that he can wear them anywhere — even out in the yard — and easily wipe them clean. A bonus? The breathable holes can be decorated with fun charms.

It’s time to ditch the old analog timepiece and bring in this modern word clock. It uses LED lights to display the time at five minute intervals. Its simple shape and moderate size lets it blend in while still standing out and becoming a conversation starter. It comes in block matte black and copper finishes to upgrade the style of any shelf or nightstand.

This wireless charger is comprised of three sections of soft silicone that can be folded to save space or to create a stand for your phone so you can see your screen and get a full charge simultaneously. The other two sides are designated for AirPods and an Apple Watch, all of which can be connected at the same time. Plus, it protects against overcharging and rising temperatures.

He can finally say goodbye to that devastating moment when you cut open a steak and see that it’s not cooked just how you wanted it — all he needs is this digital meat thermometer that reads an accurate temperature in as little as three seconds. It even has a guide to remind you what temperature meat should reach depending on how you prefer it. The large LED screen can display the reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius, which may make it easier when following foreign baking recipes.

Men always seem to have some device that needs new batteries but never seem to know where they put them, and this battery organizer will make things a lot easier. The clear case can hold a total of 93 batteries, varying from AAA to flat. The waterproof case can be mounted on the wall to save room and give him even quicker access. There’s also a removable battery tester so he knows which are worth keeping and which need to be tossed.

The handsomely-designed box this whiskey gift set comes in upgrades any bar cart. Inside, there are two glasses with unique twisted bases, two slate coasters, metal tongs that are built to last, and six granite chilling stones. Made of 100% natural granite, the polished chilling stones keep beverages of any kind cold without watering them down. They also come with a pine wood tray for easy freezer storage and tongs.

Instead of having to dig through his tool box to find the attachment he needs, give the man in your life this universal socket tool that can conform to most of the shapes that he needs to work on. The head is made of 54 stainless steel pins that can change to unscrew most bolts and nuts. The set also comes with 10 screwdriver bits, that are all neatly in a spot of their own so that they don’t get lost. Use it all with the three-function (forward, fixed, reverse) drive of the ergonomic handle.

This LED beanie will be used a lot more than you may think. Firstly, it’s a great way to stay safe when jogging, walking the dog, or camping in the dark, because it can light a distance up to 30 feet away. This soft, snug hat is also an easy way to stay hands-free while working on a DIY project in the garage or even when repairing something under the hood of the car. It is USB-rechargeable and provides four hours of continuous use.

This knife sharpener helps keep cutlery in tip-top shape. It has two sections — one for coarse blades and another for fine ones. The gadget’s V-shaped bottom allows you to use it on the edge of the counter for stability, but the non-slip base will keep things sturdy if you decide to just use it on the tabletop. And its height prevents any blades from dragging over your countertop while running them through.

This portable charger is truly meant to be taken everywhere. Its scratch-resistant and durable outer surface can survive time spent in bags, pockets, and suitcases, and it’s tough enough to withstand a 1-meter drop. The case is also fireproof and built with temperature control to prevent overheating. It can charge your Galaxy over one and a half times and your iPhone twice over.

To keep a meal either warm or cold during, he’ll want to carry this insulated lunch bag with him — 30,000 other five-star reviewers already have. It has a large main compartment and an additional top zippered pocket to keep utensils or smaller storage containers. There’s so much space, that he can double its use and bring it to the beach as a cooler as well.

You don’t need to have a lot of room to bring a cozy ambience into your home. This tabletop fire pit is only six inches wide but still creates a relaxing environment — and a bowl to roast marshmallows over. It’s made of a sleek-looking micro cement and raised on three legs that keep it sturdy and make it safe to rest on any surface. The piece comes with 50 natural bamboo sticks for roasting, and a metal fire extinguisher is also included to properly put it out after use.

Whether he can’t start his morning without a latte or protein shake, this milk frother will help get breakfast on the table even faster. The two-speed stainless steel whisk can blend powder, whip up some fluffy foam, and even prepare eggs for an omelet. It takes just 15 seconds for most creations to be completed. When done, just rest it on its own wide base for easy and hygienic storage.

These workout cards have detailed instructions and illustrations of different moves. There are about 20 different set themes, from workouts using a kettlebell to those that focus on building stability with just your body weight. Each card is made of a moisture-resistant plastic that won’t tear or even crease no matter how many times they’re shoved inside a gym bag, and at 5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, they’re big enough to see even mid-rep.

The top-heavy design of this meat tenderizer gives maximum results with minimal effort so that you’re left with perfectly thinned out pork chops or crushed crackers in just seconds. Its double-sided hammer has a texturized side and a flat side for even pounding. The entire tool is made of strong aluminum with a nonstick coating so that you don’t have to pry your ingredients off at the end, and the handle is made with a rubber grip for a sturdy grip.

Made with a breathable mesh top, these packing cubes make it easy to see what you’ve packed away while still neatly keeping things separated. This set comes with three different sizes that can be designated for different clothing pieces, whether that be shirts, pants, or belts. The reinforced stitching and water-resistant outer material will keep your things safe. Plus, the gentle zipper won’t snag any cloth. A laundry bag is also included to remind him to pick his dirty socks up from the floor.

This mug warmer will keep coffee, tea, cocoa, or any other drink at an ideal temperature — between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It looks so sleek and works like next-level tech; it turns on automatically when a mug is placed on the surface and shuts off when the mug is lifted or removed. There’s no groove on the surface, either, so this works with mugs of various sizes.

This cocktail shaker set will make any bar cart look as though it’s owned by James Bond thanks to the trendy, chic finishes (choose from matte black or classic silver). The set comes with an 18-ounce shaker, strainer, double jigger, ice tongs, bottle opener, and mixing spoon. Plus, there’s a recipe book so he always has a new cocktail or mocktail to impress friends with.

For the traveler in your life, grab this hiking backpack. While the lightweight and durable material does make it perfect for carrying around in the woods, it’s actually its ability to fold down into a small square that makes it the perfect accessory. Whether you’re hiking or traveling and trying to avoid those overweight bag charges, this bag allows you to use it when needed and pack it away anywhere — even your pocket — when you don’t.

This bocce set will be a gift for him — but really it’ll be for everyone to enjoy. The classic lawn game comes with eight resin balls, a target ball, and a measuring device (to make sure no ones cheating of course). And it all comes neatly stored in a canvas carrying case that is easy to organize and travel with.

Gifting him this beard straightener makes it easier for him to tame a longer beard. This device will do exactly that without damaging the locks that he patiently grew. It has 12 different temperature settings, ranging from 250 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, its anti-scald design assures that the hot bristles don’t reach the skin.

While this pizza paddle is 13-by-15 inches (so there’s a ton of room to work with), it’s a lot easier to store than you may think. The thin stainless steel can glide under any other cookwear, and the heat-safe handle can be flipped in so it won’t awkwardly stick out of the cabinet. The handle is made of rubber so that it won’t splinter or crack as traditional wooden handles can. When it’s not pizza night, use it to bake sweet treats or grill up some steaks.

If you know that he tends to snooze in the morning, get him this alarm clock that he’ll literally have to chase in order to turn off. The extra loud alert is on wheels so that it’s able to leap off your nightstand (up to 3 feet high) and begin rolling around and beeping until you physically get out of bed and turn him off. It’ll wake even the heaviest of sleepers and will save them from being late to work ever again.

To keep his coffee hot or his beer cold, he’s going to need this stainless steel mug. The double-walled insulation not only keeps the drink inside stable but it also prevents any condensation from building and eventually leaving water stains. And when he’s not actively drinking he can pop on the airtight lid to prevent spills and preserve freshness.

This plush tablet pillow stand makes lounging in bed even more comfortable. The plush cushion feels good to hold or keep on his lap but will still stand tall without toppling over. It has grooves along the bottom of each side so he can adjust the angle of your screen and it’s wide enough to switch from vertical to horizontal viewing.

These flannel pajamas are made with a cozy fit. The pair is made of 100% cotton, which reviewers have claimed does not not shrink in the wash. They also have two deep side pockets with enough room to hold their phones, making them double as great lounge pants.

Whether he prefers to barbecue pork, chicken, or beef, these shredder claws can perfectly rip any piece of meat apart. They’re comfortable to hold and have plenty of room for their knuckles so that nothing gets in the way when they’re trying to prepare a delicious meal. Each has a non-slip grip, which also makes them great for lifting a heavy brisket off the smoker. And if they’re not much a meat-eater, it can be used to stabilize anything, like a watermelon, while cutting.

Pre-seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil, anything you make in this cast iron skillet will slide right off when it’s done. Use it to sear, sauté, bake, broil, braise, fry, or grill. Seriously, he can go from grilling fish for dinner to baking brownies as a midnight snack. Its durable construction is meant to last decades while always distributing heat evenly so that every meal comes out just right.

This drinking game is all about trying to keep your poker face. The pack comes with 150 cards, each of which have a a hilarious prompt on them, like instructing you to do a weird dance or tell an embarrassing story — that you’re expected to complete with a straight face. If you laugh, you drink (or lose a point), and the fun continues. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to host.

This handheld car vacuum has a high-power motor hidden under its sleek and durable design. With the three head attachments that are included (flathead, extendable, and brush nozzle), it’s easy to clean all the nooks and crannies that would be hard to reach otherwise. Plus, it has an LED light built into the top so you can see underneath car seats. At just 2.6 pounds, it’ll be a breeze for him to carry and use.

Even if he’s not much of a cook, he’ll be able to use this breakfast sandwich maker. The compact gadget has two different levels so that you can cook eggs in one and melt cheese in the other. Once each layer is finished, just slide out the bottoms and you’ll reveal a perfectly constructed sandwich in five minutes or less. All he’ll have to do is slide it on a plate and enjoy.

These are no ordinary coffee beans. They’re aged for 45 to 60 days in barrels that once held whiskey, rum, or bourbon for a unique taste that no one will be able to resist. It’s a new take on a classic Irish coffee without being overpowering. Only Grade 1 beans are used so that the maximum amount of flavor can be enjoyed. This set comes with four 4-ounce packs with a medium roast.

This Bluetooth speaker has a 24-hour playtime so even when he forgets to charge it, he can enjoy hours of its powerful bass and crisp clarity. Even at high volumes, less than 1% of harmonic distortion will be detectable. It’s also completely waterproof and can maintain a strong connection up to 66 feet away from its music source, making it perfect for beach days and backyard barbecues.

Made of BPA-free silicone, this reusable water bottle can be completely folded down into a shape that’s most convenient to carry, whether that’s when you want as little weight on you as possible during a hike or when you want to get your own bottle through TSA. And since its material is so flexible, it can also be placed in the freezer for ice cold water. The grip-sleeve makes it easy to hold no matter what steep mountain you may be climbing, and the protective spout cover stops any liquid from leaking and debris from getting in.

As fun as s’mores are, the mess that comes with them is a total pain. This s’mores maker lets you pre-stack all the yummy ingredients and then lock them in place in the individual baskets. When they’re all secured, you can pop metal piece in the oven or on the grill. You’ll have perfectly gooey little creations and surprisingly clean fingers.

By gifting him this white noise machine, you’re actually gifting the sound of rain, the ocean, a creek, thunder, and more. It blocks background noises, like noisy neighbors or a partner’s snoring, and creates a relaxing ambience that will lull anyone to sleep. It can be set on a timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes so that he won’t have to worry about turning it off once his eyes are closed. And, it’s super portable at just about 4 inches wide. It can be powered via outlet, USB, or batteries, too.

When he’s in the mood for some yummy steak, rice, and beans, these taco holders will make the meal mess-free and restaurant-ready. This pack comes with four stainless steel stands that can hold three tacos at a time. The material is safe to put in the oven and on the grill. They won’t rust and will still be easy to wipe down after dinner. He’ll want to make every day a fiesta after he unwraps these.

Whether he’s outside for work a lot or just enjoys going on those cold weather walks, this hand warmer will keep him nice and toasty through it all. It has a curved bottom that’s palm sized and comfortable to hold, weighing just a little over 4.5 ounces. It has three temperature levels ranging from 95 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s rechargeable by USB and can even be used the other way around, acting as a portable charger for your device.

These salt and pepper grinders give a fresh dose of flavor to any meal, and you don’t even need to turn a knob or press a button. It has adjustable fineness to make the salt and pepper anything from super fine to coarse. They also have a blue LED light at the base so that he can see exactly how much seasoning is going into his meal.

Made with natural U.S grown cotton, this classic hoodie is exceptionally soft but also thick. It’s made with extra stitch detailing that helps it retain its shape and feel, wash after wash. There are tons of color options, so there’s sure to be one that’s matches his look. And, a percentage of it was even made with recycled fibers so it’s a purchase you can feel proud making.

Reading in bed will be easier and more comfortable than ever with these clip-on book lights. Rechargeable via USB, these lightweight lights last for up to 30 hours on a single power-up. They also come with three different illumination temperatures: white, daylight, and eye-friendly amber.

When not using your laptops, tablets, or phones, store them in this vertical device stand. It has four separate slots with widths that can be adjusted by simply sliding along the bottom. Each surface has been polished repeatedly for a smooth feel that won’t bring any damage. The bottom is also lined with silicone to prevent scratches.

When he doesn’t have any room to waste, he’ll want to reach for this camping pillow. What makes it so perfect for the campgrounds (or the airplane) is its ability to be completely compressed down so that it fits into the waterproof pouch that’s included. And that’s all possible thanks to the comfy memory foam that it’s made from. Your head and neck will sink in so that you feel as though you’re in your comfy bed at home. Its microsuede case is removable and machine washable.

This deep wok is meant to make cooking as easy as ever with premium grade stainless steel that evenly distributes heat, an aluminum layer for faster heating, and a non-stick coating on the interior surface. This all means that you can stir fry, steam, deep fry, boil, and sear quickly and withoutn making a huge mess. The large pan also comes with a dome cover lid and a spatula made with a genuine bamboo handle.

Hint that he should pick up those empty chip bags and seltzer cans with this car trash can. The 3.45-gallon container is made with double-reinforced lining and padded walls that are completely leakproof. Basically, it can handle anything. And, it has two straps that can be wrapped around the console, headrest, or even side door. That along with its self-closing lid and 20 included trash bags will keep everything in place.

There’s no need to find space for a bulky plastic piece or hold a colander steady as you pour in burning hot water. Instead, grab this silicone strainer whose flexible construction can snap onto any pot, bowl, or pan, no matter the size. This makes the straining process a lot safer and seamless since the pasta or potatoes can stay exactly where they are. It gives him less to clean and fewer tools to balance in an already-packed cabinet.

These wrist rests ensure that his hands will be fully supported as they type away. The set comes with a keyboard rest to keep his wrists aligned and an ergonomic mousepad. Both are padded with memory foam cushions that contours to each person’s personal shape. They also have a non-slip neoprene backing that keeps them in place on the desk.

Made with two layers of insulation, these stainless steel mugs keep drinks colder or hotter for longer. This is the perfect thing to use when he’s stuck at your desk and doesn’t want to get up to constantly reheat java or add more ice cubes to water. Or, with the help of the included spill-resistant lids, he can use them while on-the-go. Each lid has to be twisted to open so that it’s nearly impossible for any precious brew to leak.

If he’s constantly following directions on his phone or on a work call as he makes his way to the office, this phone mount will make his commute a bit easier. The base firmly locks into most cars’ air vent while the other end is made with four strong magnets that can hold up any smart phone. It can also rotate 360 degrees for the most convenient view to promote safe driving.

With a big handle and an included strap, the man in your life won’t mind carrying around this 1-gallon water bottle. With reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day, this handy jug is great for the fitness fiend in your life or someone who’s just super busy. Unlike other large water bottles, this jug comes with two different lids, including one with a straw.

This 18-in-1 multitool card is definitely something that he’ll want to keep in their wallet. To name a few of its many talents, it acts as a cellphone stand, eyeglass screwdriver, beer opener, box opener and more. It’s super thin and made of heat-treated steel that won’t bend or rust. And, since there are no actual sharp edges, it’s safe to bring in your carry-on bag when boarding a flight.

Any beer or soda lover will appreciates these chiller sticks. Their stainless steel frame is covered in a non-toxic thermal gel that will cool a bottle without watering it down, as ice would. The top is left open so it can be drank immediately, and the body has four vents to maintain a smooth and consistent flow of your beer. This fits most 12-ounce (or taller) long-neck bottles.

For the man who has a gadget and gizmo for everything, this travel cable bag will help him keep all his chargers neat and easy to find. It has elastic bands and zippered pockets to keep smaller objects like batteries and adapters in place, too. The entire piece rolls up and is well-padded to keep the accessories safe from any unexpected falls. Plus, it’s made of a water-resistant nylon.

Since carrying an entire laptop isn’t always the most convenient option, this foldable keyboard can turn your phone or tablet into a proper workspace. It weighs less than 6 ounces and is so slim that it can fit in a back pocket. It provides 40 hours of continuous operation and is compatible with any Bluetooth device for a quick wireless connection.

This camp cook set comes with a stainless steel pot and two insulated cups for easy sharing. The entire kit weighs less than 8 ounces when empty so that it won’t be a burden to carry up in the woods. Plus, the pot’s locking handle extends for safe cooking but also folds over the lid to save space when it’s time to pack it away again. The lid is ventilated so steam can escape and each piece can be thrown into the dishwasher once you’re back home.

This grill basket will keep all chicken, steak, and roasted veggies locked in place while they’re on the fire, making this great for smaller items like mushrooms or shrimp. At about 12-by-8 inches, the stainless steel bars have enough room to accommodate food for two to three people. When done, just detach the heat-resistant wooden handle for easy storage.

Bring a fan-favorite bar game home with this hook and ring toss set. You don’t even need an overhang for this game, because the 5-foot pole can be inserted right into the board, giving the ring somewhere to hang. This engaging game takes a minute to learn but much longer to master, ensuring fun for a long, long time.

If you’ve noticed that he’s slowly gotten sick of his boring drip coffee machine, switch things up with this French press. The glass carafe has room to brew eight cups of coffee at a time so that he can enjoy refills throughout the day. Plus, it takes just minutes and won’t leave him with any soggy filters to get rid of at the end. It can also handle temperatures from 5 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sure, ab workouts are already hard but if he’s committed he’ll want to throw these core sliders in the mix. The compact discs can be used to intensify a ton of different moves like squats, mountain climbers, and even planks. Plus, they’re dual-sided and work on nearly every surface — even carpet. And because they’re so lightweight, it’ll never be a problem to bring them wherever he goes.

In order to stop wasting food and make the most out of every jar and bottle in his home, gift him this silicone spatula that’s just the right size to scoop out every last drop. The flexible construction can bend into corners and smoothly swipe it right out of the container and onto a plate. And since it’s actually made with a stainless steel core, the handle can withstand up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a soft brush on one end and a microfiber pad on the other, this laptop cleaner takes care of every part of a device. It sweeps away dust and dirt from even the tiniest crevices and removes fingerprints and smudges from glass so for a crisp view while working. Plus, it comes with a storage cover to keep both ends protected when not being used.

Available with every football team’s logo on it, this NFL tumbler is a no-brainer for any sports fan. Not only do they get to represent their team but they’ll also be carrying around ice cold drink in the double-wallet, vacuum insulated stainless steel body. Every tumbler also comes with a splash-proof lid and two reusable straws. He’ll put this out for every game day — and every other day too.

Made of durable polyester that is woven for extra strength, this dry bag can keep any belongings safe from water, snow, sand, dirt, and dust. It comes in three large sizes (5, 10, or 20 liters), each shaped as a cylinder that optimizes the space and gives you even more room to fit valuables while you go kayaking or hiking. All you have to do is roll up the top and secure the heavy-duty D-ring in place.

65 Clever Gifts For Men That Are 10x Better Than What You Usually Give

Hydraulic System If he loves cooking but hate the clean-up process that comes afterwards, give him less to wipe down with this splatter screen. The large mesh lies flat on top of any pan or pot and catches any dangerous, grody oil that tries to hop out, which keeps the hot grease from ruining walls and burning skin. When it’s time to mix your recipe, use the resting feet to keep the sticky surface off your countertop.